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Doesn’t Miss America Want to Save the World Anymore?

07/31/2012 Leave a comment

My primary development occurred up through the 90s. Sure, there were West and East coast rivalries, the murders of Biggie and Tupac, an obsession with the danger of dial-up predators, a philandering President Bill Clinton, and an unforgettable white Bronco owned by one OJ Simpson.  Read more…

Day 7 – Gardening at the Concho

07/26/2012 Leave a comment

I am definitely a Celtics fan. I was drawn to Boston because I was drawn to the Celtics for no real reason except love at first sight. Sporting green, I call that GARDEN FRESH. How about that Jay and Yeezy Read more…

Make Opportunity for Yourself: Serve Your Community, Case Study: LinkedIn Seminar

02/25/2010 3 comments

This blog is about opportunity. Opportunity for yourself, but more importantly, the opportunity you can create for others. It’s recommendation on a win-win. I discovered this fertile fountain in my youth during years of service hours mandated by my college preparatory Catholic high school, St. Michael’s Academy. Years later, I am still building my integrity with service and leadership.

I am lucky enough to work for an amazing company, SwervePoint, that gives me the flexibility to get involved with the local community when possible. Last year, I stumbled upon the North Shore Community Action Program while researching local organizations SwervePoint could make endless merchandise donations to. Today, I supported NSCAP’s Transition to Work program by mentoring a student from the program. Tomorrow, I may be running a seminar for the program, imparting the value of LinkedIn and teaching best practices for the tool.

A woman, looking to reignite her career, spent the morning at SwervePoint shadowing the Programs team, learning invaluable tips on how to return to employed status. The feedback on her resume alone will justify her participation in the Transition to Work, but the most important revelation made was her presence, or lack thereof, on LinkedIn. I have been so wrapped in the social media sphere, I was almost shocked to discover how such an important tool is not commonplace yet! My social media tunnel vision and the fact that LinkedIn has millions of users had led me to believe everyone was using LinkedIn professionally. I mean, according to Alison Doyle from, “It’s also important to note that LinkedIn has reached a point where it’s almost unprofessional not to be on LinkedIn. There are members from all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn members comprise 130 different industries, and include 130,000 recruiters.” And with job postings cycling on your LinkedIn page and postings targeted based on your skills and profile key words, LinkedIn in some cases, finds the opportunity for you! All one has to do is walk through the door.

So after expressing to the student the importance of the LinkedIn network, I diagnosed her negligence of this asset as a weakness in the program. I emailed the director of the Transition to Work program, Deborah Grace at NSCAP, and it looks like I might have an opportunity to run a seminar pushing LinkedIn and other online media tools as part of a comprehensive job search! I can’t wait to make an impact on these participants’ lives by getting them closer to employment! In this economy, it might serve ourselves and the community better if we start thinking, an opportunity for an opportunity, a door for a door, instead of an eye for an eye.


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